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Why Work With Us?


Over 30 years of experience caring for patients suffering from a variety of medical conditions involving musculoskeletal and spinal related disorders.

Extensive knowledge of the personal injury laws and how to deal with insurance companies to protect your rights.

Treatment given at this clinic is evidence-based. Spinal manipulation, decompression, low intensity laser therapy, and exercises are well documented modalities for relieving your neuromuscular and spinal-related pain.

Our treatment goal is to locate and treat the cause of pain not the symptoms. However, should your condition fail to respond to our care, recommendations and referrals to other qualified health care professionals and diagnostic centers will be provided.

Realistic care plans that you can follow and get results from in the shortest possible period of time.

We strive to engage our patients to participate in their recovery and we pledge and assure you that you will be treated with the utmost respect and satisfaction you deserve.

Our primary objective is to significantly improve and/or eliminate the multiple conditions that we encounter as quickly as possible. Guidelines to that end consist of reduction/elimination of reliance on pharmaceuticals, pain and restoration of mobility and improvement in the quality of life.


In today’s changing medical environment, physicians are being called upon to provide more comprehensive care by patients, as well as their insurance companies. As a result, many patients are becoming aware of treatment alternatives and complementary care, such as chiropractic care, and expect their physicians to have an understanding of these treatment alternatives.

We seek multidisciplinary approach, not to dissuade anyone from their present treatment regimen, but to supplement with ancillary treatment alternatives for optimal patient care. Often it is the combination of different specialties that can provide effective treatment option to stubborn chronic conditions.

We insist on constant communication with the referring physicians and provide prompt updates on the diagnosis, response to care, and future treatment plans for their patients.

Our patient care philosophy focuses on the idea of working together with the patients and their medical providers, treating them on an individual basis and taking time to consider their unique needs. This individualized approach helps us to ensure each one of our patients can achieve their full health potential.


Quality treatment for your injured client that will result in a high level of satisfaction

We will provide the appropriate treatment for your injured client in a professional, thorough, and personalized manner that will reflect positively on you for having made the referral.

Documentation in control of personal injury cases

I am cognizant of the need for thorough supporting evidence of personal injury, based upon objective medical findings, in the event of litigation. Such findings are compiled under my strict policy of total medical case control. I understand that thorough and objective medical documentation is vital to the successful litigation of personal injury cases.

I have advanced certification in diagnosis and treatment of whiplash injuries. If you have a client injured in a motor vehicle accident, this special training and my 30 years of experience handling personal injury cases will provide your client with state of the art management concepts accompanied by documentation that will verify the integrity of the case.

Building a defensible position for your client through strong documentation of quality evaluation and treatment procedures

I understand the historically enigmatic nature of soft tissue injuries but have the special training and experience to separate fact from fiction and myth from science and if necessary, define our position for you on the witness stand in a court of law.

I understand the importance of medical second opinion. Highly qualified specialist in such fields as neurology, orthopedics, pain management, neurosurgery, dentistry (TMJ) and other physicians are routinely consulted for evaluations, treatment and surgical interventions.

At the conclusion of the treatment, I provide you with full narrative reports of all medical specialists involved at no cost to you.

In situations where a case is questionable, I work closely with you to review your file and examine your client if necessary. Written findings are provided, and if desired, a consultation is held. This service is offered at no cost to you or your client.

If a high level of patient care and comprehensive case documentation is important to you, I would appreciate your consideration of our services.

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