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The Shocking Truth About Car Accident Injuries

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The Secret to Relieving Wrist Pain

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At Maciak Chiropractic Center (MCC) we believe a person’s health is among the most valuable possessions. We treat patients with various spinal and musculoskeletal conditions using evidence-based, time-honored physical medicine and manual techniques, such as spinal manipulation, soft tissue techniques, physical therapeutic modalities and corrective exercises.

At MCC we have invested in state-of-the art technology i.e.: non-surgical decompression, Vertetrac 3-D ambulatory decompression, low level laser, active therapeutic movement – ATM-2, whole body vibration, and various physical modalities.

Our office specializes in restoring function, relieving pain and improving performance in your every day activities. In our office we stress the importance of working together with our patients, treating them on an individual basis and taking time to consider their unique needs. This individualized approach helps us to ensure that each patient achieves their full health potential.

We hope that the information presented in the following pages will provide answers and solutions to your particular health concerns. We look forward to serving your health needs.

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